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Take control of your own career, and create work to showcase your talent!


Excited to make your own work, but overwhelmed at the logistics?

Frustrated by the film industry and looking to do your own thing?

Unclear about where to start with a project?

Worried about balancing producing and acting?

Alone, without a team to support you?

Looking to learn more about the ‘other side of the table?’ Want to create your own film but have no idea where to start? This course will get you started on your producing journey, covering ground from pre-production through post, festivals, and distribution!

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"Lauren's producing class was extremely insightful. It was quite thorough without being overwhelming - she presents the information in a very organized and digestible manner. Not only does Lauren provide a step-by-step guide to producing one's own short film, but she also uses anecdotes from her own personal experiences to further detail some unique obstacles that can come up in the filmmaking process, and how she handled them. Before taking the class, I was intimidated by the daunting undertaking of producing my own indie film; but by the end, she had me feeling excited to jump into the work!"

Lauren W.
Actor / Writer

"Lauren is an incredible vessel of knowledge. In her workshop, she presents a thorough review of producing for short film by breaking down the production process into sequenced, digestible steps with information to help filmmakers at any stage of their career. Her teaching style is both insightful and interactive. Coupled with her vast experience of having worked across a multitude of mediums of storytelling, she offers a fresh and inviting perspective on how actors can harness their gifts behind the camera."

Eduardo V.
NCIS: new Orleans, queen of the south

“Thank you again for your class. You taught me a lot about the industry. I felt like it was a mini film school! You made producing a film realistic and reachable!”

Kapena K.
general hospital

"Lauren brought such clear and concise insights into what can feel like a very nebulous and murky process. I came into the class with a whole list of questions and through the course, she answered each and every one without me even needing to ask. Her real-life producing experience helped me walk away with actionable next steps and made the producing process seem actually achievable!"

Paige H.
The Deuce

"Lauren's Producing 101 workshop was the perfect way for me to fill in some gaps in knowledge that I had while providing a solid base understanding of each aspect of the job. Two areas that I felt nervous about were crowdfunding and submitting to film festivals once completed. Lauren calmed those nerves with clear steps and resources to assist at each stage of the process. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who is starting the journey of producing!"

olivia H.
FBI: Most Wanted

"Lauren's workshop was extremely informative. She helped guide you through the process and things to consider if you are new or if you are looking to take things to the next level! I have so many notes that I can look back on and a broader group of artists I can lean on for support! You can tell she really wants you to succeed and feel supported as a filmmaker, artist, and creative."

gretchen M.
actor / writer

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dates coming soon | workshop via zoom




In this intimate online workshop, I will share what I've learned from the last 6 years of producing. From pre-production through distribution, we'll touch on everything you need to get started.

I will briefly get to know you and your project, allowing time at the end for specific questions related to what you're working on.


I will share resources that I've gathered, and follow-up via email with the recording and materials mentioned.


You will be invited to stay in touch with me and workshop participants to further build community and share opportunities!

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Hi, I'm Lauren—

I am a New York-based actor and filmmaker.

  After years of Shakespeare, stints on CBS and HBO, and many indie projects, I started producing films about 6 years ago.
  Films I've produced can be seen on HBO, DUST, Tubi, Amazon Prime, Omeleto, and at film festivals all over the world.   
  I started teaching this course to give you the head start I wish I had when I was starting out. There's a lot to learn about producing independent films. I can help you on your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Beginners welcome and encouraged.

Yes, for a limited time.

Absolutely. This material will be great as a part of your preparation to start producing. Consider it research for when you are ready. That said, if you do have a project you'll be able to get started right away!

A maximum of 20 attendees. This will allow me to give individual training as we work through the value packed agenda.

Absolutely! I encourage you to post insights or takeaways from the workshop on social media. You can tag me @laurensowa.

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